Parent Section

Working in Partnership with Parents

The Nursery policy is to try to work in partnership with parents as partners. This policy states:

  • All parents are welcome to visit the nursery at any time.
  • Parents have access to their child's records and are consulted in respect of the care given.
  • Written reports are provided to parents on a daily basis.
  • Information about nursery activities and events is regularly distributed. Including a regular newsletter.
  • Parents are able to inspect all the Nursery’s policies, procedures, Health and Safety File, Environmental Health records and fire records at any time.
  • A formal complaints procedure is in operation to ensure that any complaint is dealt with appropriately.
  • Parents may discuss any issue relating to their child at any time with their child’s key worker or the senior member of staff with responsibility for the relevant Unit. They may also directly approach the Nursery’s proprietors at any time, regarding any issue of interest or concern ( Bob and Mona 07843287726).

Settling In

Ensuring that each child is properly settled into the nursery is seen as being of paramount importance to both parents and the Nursery. When a child is accepted by the nursery, arrangements will be made for a visit to take place, in order that the child and parent/carer can familiarise him/herself with the nursery and its staff. A series of further visits will then be planned. It is important that each child has the amount of time they need to settle into Nursery. Therefore, there is no limit to the amount of visits that parents can make to the Nursery, or the amount of time they spend in the Nursery, in order to ensure that their child settles in well. There is no charge for these visits with fees being charged only from the date that it ha been agreed that a child formally takes up their place within the Nursery.

During the settling in period, parents/carers will stay with the child for sufficient time so that the child feels settled and the parent/carer feels comfortable about leaving her or him. They may also sit in the Nursery’s office and watch their child using the webcam system until they are satisified that their child is calm and happy to be left in Nursery.

Once a child has commenced their place parents/carers may drop off and collect their child whenever they wish from the Nursery. They may visit the nursery at any time.

No child will ever be taken on an outing from the nursery until he or she is completely settled.


Places are reserved by payment of a sum equivelanet to the first two weeks fees. However, this payment is rebated in full against the first invoice once a child has formally started attending the Nursery. There is therefore, no booking fee.


The Nursery is registered and inspected by Ofsted and fully meets their standards. The Nursery’s Ofsted registration number is EY251317. The Nursery is also inspected by Calderdale MBC Environmental Health Department (awarded five stars) and the West Yorkshire Fire Service.


Fees are all inclusive. The Nursery provides all baby milk, nappies and access to the Webcam system at no additional cost. Invoices may be paid in cash, cheque, standing order or Child Care Vouchers. There is no surcharge for payment by cheque or any other types of payment. The Nursery accepts all legitimate Child Care Voucher payment schemes.


In the interests of child health and health and safety, the Nursery is designated as a strictly no smoking area. This includes all the external grounds and the Nursery car park. We would ask parents/carers to respect this restriction.


The Nursery’s own cook prepares all meals freshly each day in the Nursery’s kitchen from fresh produce. The Nursery operates a six week rotating nutritious menu. Children are encouraged to eat fruit and vegetables and a fresh drink is always available to children. The Nursery can cater for most special diets.


The Nursery takes security very seriously. All external doors are locked to visitors at all times and all visitors (not including parents) upon being granted access to the building are asked to sign the visitors book and provide a means of identification. All entrance ways and access to the car park are covered by the Nursery’s webcam system which records all activity (including car number plates).


The large external play area is completely self contained and secure, being located at the rear of the property and therefore completely out of view of the main road. This area is also completely covered by the Nursery’s webcam system. This area has recently been completely renovated with new landscaping and exiting new play equipment. All of which is surrounded by high quality rubber safety surfacing.

Risk assessments have been carried out regarding all aspects of the Nursery’s operation including all excursions away from the Nursery. Parents are welcome to examine these should they so wish to do so.